For 25 years Gabriele Albarosa has led teams building business applications for large enterprises, including some of the world’s leading banks. While technology has advanced rapidly and spread through our daily lives, he has seen a pattern that challenges IT and business users in every large organization.

A small number of core systems for running the business are the obvious priority for IT resources and budgets. Beside them are many smaller applications needed for other important processes

  • Sometimes packaged software can be used.
  • Sometimes bespoke development is needed.
  • Often these are augmented by user-designed applications.

gap between systems

Outside of the core systems, a complex network of data and processes develops. This network grows over time into a spider’s web of interfaces, software packages, legacy systems, half-baked solutions, local databases — and many, many spreadsheets.

complex data processes

This frustrates both IT and business professionals.

  • Processes are unreliable, error-prone, confusing and inefficient.
  • Making changes or adding new projects takes too long.
  • The business is forced to create their own workarounds.

The lines between IT systems and end user computing get blurred. There are grey areas and gaps. When you see spreadsheets being repeatedly emailed around, you know there is a problem.


Starting from a clean slate is not possible. Buying packaged software will not meet every specific need. Developing applications takes far too long.

LiveDataset provides a new way to quickly build business applications and gradually improve your existing application portfolio.

  • For new projects, use an Agile approach to rapidly prototype, improve, and deploy.
  • For old systems, use LiveDataset to bridge gaps in data collection and sharing, while leaving the old systems untouched.
  • For all the complex spreadsheets and user-built solutions, replace them with LiveDataset bringing reliability, audit, security, and data management best practices.

With LiveDataset you get the best of both worlds

  • Users get the changes they want quickly and enjoy a consistent interface.
  • IT can focus on efficiently adding value to the business — ensuring high-quality systems and data


The company behind LiveDataset is Krescendo Ltd. Since 2001, Krescendo has been developing software for large enterprises, including several of the world’s leading banks.

Krescendo uses stringent data security processes and technology and has been awarded ISO27001:2013 certification.

Krescendo BSI ISO 27001:2013 Certified

Krescendo has been awarded a place on G-Cloud 10, the UK Government’s procurement framework for cloud-based services.

UK Government Crown Commercial Service