Use Cases

LiveDataset helps you gather and organize information. Using a shared dataset, lots of people can easily edit and access information in a managed way.

If you need to collect data from several individuals, LiveDataset can help.

From formal ongoing processes with thousands of employees across the largest multi-national organizations, to a one-off exercise in a small team.

These examples show how LiveDataset can help you address information challenges in different scenarios.

Using LiveDataset to Manage Project Risks

Problem New regulations meant a large corporation had to start hundreds of projects. The board needed a clear view of any compliance risks.
Solution LiveDataset collects project risk data from 250 project managers. Additional information is needed and is easily included.

Merging IT Systems

systems inventory
Problem Two companies are merging and must make plans for their IT systems. Strict confidentiality is needed as they create a joint systems inventory.
Solution LiveDataset allows easy access to input and share data in one place. Information is strictly segregated and auditable.

Slicing Chocolate

Problem Marketing data for a chocolate company is held in hundreds of spreadsheets. Each team needs to access a subset of the data, the way they want to see it.
Solution LiveDataset makes it easy for brand teams to see global data by brand. And regional teams only see “their” data by country.

Sales Forecasting

sales forecasting process
Problem A global sales team were outgrowing their forecast spreadsheet. They needed more control, so that only certain people could update the forecast at specific times.
Solution LiveDataset can be used to create a simple business process, that can be easily changed as requirements evolve.